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"A lovely friend bought me the sunshine and grounding sprays as a birthday treat, as well as the awesome face wash. I am normally very picky with the scent of my products and like to choose my own but all three of these products smell amazing! In particular, the face wash is so nice to use - it feels natural and moisturizes well. I have noticed such an improvement in my skin since using it. I've tried a good number of products in the past but now can't imagine using anything else. I highly recommend these!" Dr Laura F.


"I love Awesome Hugs products. They make me feel so good. It's important to me that they are ethically sourced and all the ingredients are really high quality.

BEDTIME SPRAY - I always look forward to bed-time but now it’s extra special as I know thanks to Tina’s spray my bedding will be scented with a calming and peaceful mixture of essential oils. It seems to relax me in minutes." Claire S.



"I just wanted to thank you for my sleep mist. Honestly I love the smell and it does help you to get sleep  the smell is so nice I just take nice deep breaths and before I know it I’m off I wouldn’t be without it now it really is lovely I’ve had other ones that are just not as good and have been more expensive.

Can’t wait for my new bottle." Edith M.  


"MAGIC CREAM - Awesome Hugs Magic Cream seems to have magical healing powers! I highly recommend it, especially for anyone with sensitive skin and/or eczema, as it causes me no irritation (unlike lots of other products). The formula feels so lightweight it just melts into my skin, and I love the fresh and natural scent.
CALENDULA FACE CREAM - I love this super-rich moisturising cream, it feels luxurious & pampering – like my face is being hugged! It clears up dry patches & outbreaks as well as brightening my skin generally.
GROUNDING SPRAY - I keep a bottle of this spray on my desk at work, and without fail every time someone comes into my room, they will ask me what the lovely smell is! (& next they ask where can they buy it!!). It’s a unique and indescribable scent. ‘Grounding’ is the perfect name for it, as spraying it really helps calm me down if I feel overwhelmed.
SUNSHINE AURA SPRAY - This spray is filled with joy! It’s so sweet and intense and uplifting – like warm, orangey sunshine. I can’t get enough of this product!" Jen S. 



"Awesome face wash- Love this face wash. It has a great lather, smells amazing and makes my face feel so clean without drying my skin out.

Awesome Soothing Calendula Face Cream- I have combination skin and struggle is find a product that doesn’t moisturises without over loading my skin. This is prefect. Smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling soft and well hydrated.

Awesome cleaning balm- I love love love this product. After too many late nights or seasonal changes in the weather when your skin needs a bit of TLC when cleansing this is the perfect product. Revives your natural glow.

Awesome Wonder balm- love this multipurpose balm, great for using on various places for extra nourishment. Especially love using on my lips especially at wintertime.

Awesome Cream Cleanser and mask- I use this mostly as the mask for an extra wee pamper. It is an amazing product love how smooth my skins feels after use.

Awesome Relax and Unwind bedtime spray- this really works!!!! Can’t recommend it highly enough. We all use it, otherwise know as the Bed monster spray! Working shifts my sleep pattern is often disturbed this works so well to relax me and I very quickly fall asleep, not great to spray in your room if you are keen for finish a chapter of your book 😁

I have never really stuck to any kind of skin care routine over the years as I’ve never really found products that I love, however with Tina’s products I love them all and use them religiously. It’s also great to know that the products used are as natural as can be. They really are all awesome." Laura M.



"I started using Tina's skincare products a couple of years ago to coincide with my monthly microdermabrasion facial at her salon.  I've noticed a difference in the condition of my skin and would definitely recommend using Awesome Hugs wonderful range of products.

The Face Wash is my favourite product.  It's so easy to use, lathers easily, smells amazing and doesn't dry out my skin.  I then use the Serum which also has a lovely aroma. Only a couple of drops are required to leave my skin glowing. 
I use the Conditioning Cream every morning.  It's very light and easily absorbs without leaving your skin greasy but looking radiant." Susan G



"I find this Wonder Balm amazing. My skin is really dry and my lips tend to be chapped both in Summer and Winter. Somehow this balm seems to replenish my skin rather than just sit on the surface. I use it all the time myself and for almost any skin problems that may arise within the Family. Problems like nappy rash, mild eczema etc and I feel quite confident about using It, because I know it is as natural a product as I am likely to find. By chance I discovered that it helps to soothe the joints in my hands after a day’s gardening. If I have been working in the garden then l will massage the balm on to my hands before going to bed, especially around the joints in my fingers. It seems to ease my arthritis pain." Linda M


"I have been using awesome hugs cleansing balm for over a year now and can honestly say it’s fabulous! Feels like a luxury product on the skin melting away any makeup and grime. I massage into the skin morning/night and remove with a hot cloth, the smell is divine and leaves the skin clean and hydrated❤" Tracey M