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Finding sunshine on a rainy day with Awesome Hugs Burst of Sunshine Spray

You know when you're on one of those days when you're having a low-mood/energy and needing a pick me up? Then you probably need this Burst of Sunshine spray. Its simple, light and citrus fresh and effective formula helps to boost your mood and relief anxiety.

I used to love burning candles but was disappointed to learn of the many side effects they have on our health and environment so started to find a safer way to enjoy aromas through sprays.

My family and I use this one many times a day because we just love the scent of it and how much it lifts our spirit. It's also a great tool to use in meditation and for time-out to give your head some space throughout the day.

Here's a video of how to use it with a short meditation Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy it. Sending love and hugs on your journey. x tina@awesomehugs


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