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Have Awesome Hugs Skincare products been tested?

All of the Awesome Hugs skincare range have been tested by certified approved bodies and registered as required by the European Cosmetic Regulations. Most importantly, none of my products have been tested on animals – only on willing humans! 

Why are you not using more glass/aluminium containers?

The process of choosing the right containers for my products has led me on a long and hard journey. I've done so much research to see what actually happens to packaging during the recycling process. No one can give me a direct answer! On the surface, glass seems to be more environmentally friendly, but the reality is more complicated. So many factors need to be considered – including carbon footprint, cost, sustainability, etc. So for now I’ve chosen mainly to use PET plastic because it's the most recyclable, safe material and it has a lower carbon footprint (provided that we all do our duty and dispose of the containers in an appropriate recycling place!). No doubt the containers I use will change over time, as hopefully I will find a better source as I continue on my journeys. 

If you're interested to find out more, here is an article on the subject:


Why are you using plastic postal bags and bubble wrap?

In line with my ethos to live in harmony with my universe, I have sourced postage materials that are eco-friendly. 

The plastic postal bag I use is compostable, which means it can be disposed of with your food recycling waste. The bubble wrap is made from a biodegradable material which will degrade in a landfill, and the degradation process does not release methane.


How do you source your ingredients?

I try to source what I need locally where possible, but more importantly from ethical/cruelty free companies. Nothing is tested on animals. I really believe that how you treat everything and everyone transfers onto what you produce and create. We are all connected. 

Apart from the Wonder Balm which contains organic Beeswax, all products are Vegan. 


Do you offer samples?

Yes. I totally understand that it's hard to tell from just looking at something online whether it's going to be suitable for you, especially if you have very sensitive skin. So if you would like to try before you buy, drop me a message with what your main skin concerns are and for £5 (just to cover p&p) I can send you some samples to try – and hopefully love! 


Why is my product different from the last one I received from you?

Just like food, when you are working with natural ingredients the crop can vary depending on the harvest (due to differences in the soil, climate etc.). However, there should not be a huge change from your last batch. All the products are made in small batches to reduce wastage and retain freshness. 


Sale & Clearance on short-dated products
In an effort to reduce wastage, we offer discount prices for products that has 6-4 months Best Before Dates.
It is possible to extend the shelf-life of a product by storing them in a cool place i.e. storing cream-based products in a fridge could extend it by 6 months.