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My Skincare Journey

My skincare journey started many moons ago after I quit my unfulfilling job at a bank, to embark on a new adventure. I became a full-time student for the second time, retraining to be a beauty and holistic therapist. I went from an unfulfilling full-time job with financial security to financial uncertainty. It was a stressful time and soon my skin started to breakout – first on my chin, then around my eyes. My skin got so itchy and dry it looked like dandruff. I felt embarrassed. There I was giving advice to my clients and I couldn’t even solve my own skin issues.

Photos of the many stages of my painful breakouts. It would get so itchy the only way to stop myself from scratching my skin off was to place my hands on it but that would create a burning sensation on the area. It would last anywhere between 3 to 7 days. 

My condition progressively got worst with time. I first went to my GP, who gave me a steroid cream. I read ALL the instructions on the leaflet (I have a need to understand how things work). The instructions stated that the ointment should not be applied on the facial area. I called the Doctor to query this and his response was "Don't worry. It will be fine." I wasn't convinced. Surely the manufacturer's instructions stated this for a reason? I chose to persevere without the steroid cream. 

I tried a variety of creams.  All of which made my skin worse. I was determined to find a solution. Our bodies are magnificent intricate creations and given the right environment they can heal. I stopped bombarding my skin with products that were aggravating it (which was every product that I had) and threw out hundreds of pounds worth of skin care products.

As an alternative I used pure oils.  Although my skin was improving, it was greasy.  Through my research, I discovered there were companies that taught people how to make professional skincare products. I attended several advanced courses in making creams, deodorants, make-up, men's grooming, baby care products to name a few.  I was hooked! More importantly I had finally found a solution to my skin problems.

Everything I use today I make, including soap, body/hair wash, bath bombs/salts/bubbles, soy candles, serum and anti-bacterial spray. I hope for all of these products to become a part of my range in the future. 

One of the most valuable lessons I learnt on my skincare journey, is the importance of knowing the ingredients of a product. It empowers me to make better/informed decisions towards/about the health of my skin (and life!).  This is why I list the ingredients (together with their common names) for all of my products. That way you too can make an informed decision.     

My skin now with no makeup, no filter, using only Awesome Hugs products. 



Working with the Beatson Cancer Charity / NHS

After qualifying as a beauty and holistic therapist.  I started working with a charity called Friends of the Beatson (now known as the Beatson Cancer Charity).  The Charity provides support for cancer patients undergoing treatment at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre.  I was their first and only beauty therapist. 

At that time, very few people were providing beauty and touch therapy to cancer patients.  Especially those actively undergoing treatment.  There was no-one to advise me on what products were safe to use. I had to be cautious.  I started making bespoke products to suit each patient.

I learnt so much from the unique experience of working with in-patients in hospital surroundings.  It was a tremendous opportunity to provide touch therapies to those who really needed them, whilst having support from medical staff.  I felt privileged to be able to provide space and time (with no obligations) for the patients. Hearing their stories - some told with regret, others with happiness - made me realise how precious every day is, how important it is to make authentic connections and to take care of both the health of your mind and body through prevention and not to wait until things start to go wrong. Knowledge and mindset have definitely been key in my daily quest ever since. 

I am delighted to announce that the Beatson Cancer Charity is now using my Awesome Hugs face collection for their patients.  In addition, I am working with NHS COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) patients who are also benefiting from Awesome Hugs products. 

The amazing staff at The Beatson Cancer Charity getting trained with Awesome Hugs products.



Working Formulas

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have had clients who were willing to try the many products that I have developed. This means that NO Awesome Hugs products have been tested on animals, only on willing humans!  The ones that are available here are only a fraction of my whole collection.  There are more to come! However, my main aim is quality over quantity.  Therefore, only those products which are my family and client's favourites will be available to purchase.  

I also like my products to have more than one function where possible.That is why my cleansers can be used as a mask in order for a deeper cleanse. My face creams are gentle enough to use around the eyes & lips. My balm & serum are great primers as well as boosters.   

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.  I can't wait for you to experience my Awesome Hugs products.

May you have peace and joy through your life's journey.

Much love and hugs.  

Tina@awesomehugs X