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How to treat those dry/hard skin & fine lines

Ever get those dry/hard skin that just doesn't want to budge? Doesn't matter how much moisturisers and serum you put on and scrubbing you do, it just won't go away! If anything causes more irritations and fine lines!

Well it's probably because you're trying to force your skin to behave instead of encouraging it to do what it needs to do. Like us, the skin has its own mind/process and likes to be nurtured so you need patience which in this day and age I know is very hard.

I usually get them after an allergic breakout, which thankfully these day has not been as regular since I've adapted my diet to plant-based but I still get them especially during the festive season. Probably due to eating all the process/sugary food. My body does know best!

I tackle them by just using just 3 products:

1. A 'gentle' non-abrasive exfoliator/mask like the Cream Cleanser & Mask which contains AHA Fruit acid and has a pH4.

2. A nourishing gentle Serum i.e. Smoothing serum

3. Active rich Moisturiser i.e. Conditioning Cream

Plus, time of course because pending on how severe the condition of your skin is, you will probably need to rinse and repeat the process until your skin is good and ready to shine.

Hope this is helpful.

If you have the time, please watch the video I made.

Keep safe. Sending you all much love and hugs on your journeys. x

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